We build homes,
so you can build memories

We know that a home is much more than just a foundation and structure, it's a place where lifelong memories are built. The family room is where little Jonny will take his first step, the kitchen becomes a venue for countless dinner parties and the backyard always brings BBQs and games.

That's why we're a home builder that focuses on the details. With 40 years of experience on our team, we've learned that enough counter space is key for hosting parties and that large windows provide the best lighting to capture those precious moments. Don't get us wrong, foundations and structures are an integral part of our business, but it's the little things that make a house a home.

Heart Homes is a local Edmonton company, so we're just around the corner if you need us. Your home is where our heart is.

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Single Family Homes

Discover single family detached homes suitable for first time home buyers and growing families.

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If you're interested in building new within an established neighbourhood, consider Heart Home's infill options.

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Garage Suites

Looking to maximize space? Consider building a garage suite with Heart Homes.

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Poking around our site and have some questions? Ready to take the plunge into building your new home? We're here to talk through any options with you.